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Word of our founder

Rigor, professionalism, originality, and above all, efficient solutions allow us to set ourselves apart, on a competitive market like the HR domain.

However, I am firmly convinced that one cannot claim to be part of a service logistics if we do not agree 100% with client's problems, challenges and risks. What company wants to pay for a service that does not promise any results?

Today, when a company decides to purchase a good, it has a guarantee facility for payment, why would not be the same for services? At OC Prod, there is no fear of remuneration for our advice. Moreover, we guarantee for our services.

The measurability of our work is part of our actions. Each consultant in our company applies this method.

Since the company was founded, in 2005, I imposed my teams in each country, not to work without results. Our turnover increase doubled each year. We believe that our growth is directly linked to the success of the companies that put their trust in us.

Our development and our clients are the living proof of our creativity, responsiveness, flexibility and especially our effectiveness. According to nuclear project in 2011

We are not simple actors - suppliers, we are true partners in our customer's success, and this changes everything.


With more than 10 years experience in international recruitment, OC Prod is today a company renowned for recruiting sharp profiles for transnational projects.

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Key sectors

OC Prod disposes of two areas of expertise focused on the research of talents in the engineering and medical field.

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Success stories

OC Prod has built its reputation on its capacity to operate rapidly in a strong international context. Discover a variety of examples of projects led to success by OC Prod.

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